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Your Energy First

Take the guesswork out of your intuition and energetic gifts, bring your purpose forward.

Ready to dive wider into more of what you have to offer this world energetically? Ready to learn from Emily and others stories how to get into alignment on a day to day basis when life gets crazy?

Any time you reach out to the light,

by Universal Law it will respond in kind, every time

- Emily Marie

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Emily Marie

Episode #97 Your knowledge and awareness keeps you in the abundance of light energy – in this episode Emily share’s a story

Emily Marie

Episode #96 The end of February’s energies are different from how we started, the energies are crunching us and asking you to

Emily Marie

Episode #95 Introducing Energy Forecast & Trends   The intention in sharing these aspects is to help you: Self validate what you’re

Emily Marie

Episode #94 We’re all familiar in our own way with cannibas, the psychedelic revolution, and the journey people have been taking with

Emily Marie

Episode #93 During this episode Emily delve’s into how your intuition has levels, and how to expand into them. And the difference

Emily Marie

Episode #92 During this episode you’ll gain perspective on: How you receive intuitive guidance along the way without receiving all of the

Emily Marie

Episode #91 Stories of folklore sometimes have a bit of truth to them. You’re not wild or crazy for at times sensing

Emily Marie

Episode #90 Do your goals wear you out or help you thrive, do they help you reach the best versions of yourself,

Emily Marie

Episode #89 Your calling is now I was so excited to welcome Tegan back to the podcast, to talk about the first

Emily Marie

Episode #88 ⁠⁠ A bespoke experience where you’ll get to unwind, take a load off, and simply focus on…you. Tune into your

Emily Marie

Episode #87 I enjoyed having Jenn of Jenneral Wellness on the podcast to talk about how to help you find your direction

Emily Marie

Episode #86 Creating boundaries for your home for critters and any other energies you do not desire to intrude, and leaning back

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