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Take the guesswork out of your intuition and energetic gifts, bring your purpose forward.

Ready to dive wider into more of what you have to offer this world energetically? Ready to learn from Emily and others stories how to get into alignment on a day to day basis when life gets crazy?

Any time you reach out to the light,

by Universal Law it will respond in kind, every time

- Emily Marie

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Emily Marie

Episode #74 In this week’s episode Emily hosts a live energy session for Erin.  Neither have met before, Erin was selected from

Emily Marie

Episode #73 The time is now. No more second guessing your intuition, what it’s sharing with you and how to act on

Emily Marie

Episode #72 This is a big theme in this season: what is getting in your way, what is ready to be released

Emily Marie

Episode #71 Your Power Ways to work with Emily: The Aligned Entrepreneur: If you're ready to personally transform your business to book

Emily Marie

Episode #70 Getting answers from your intuition is like developing your own personal energy language. In this episode we’ll discuss how to

Emily Marie

Episode #69 Cords are natural energetic connections or links that happen between two individuals or energies. Depending on the depth or type

Emily Marie

Episode #68 After noticing that so many issues in my own private practice with clients and myself came down to self worth,

Emily Marie

Episode #67 We love chatting about love, light, intuition, Spirit guides and more, in today’s episode I share an experience that shattered

Emily Marie

Episode #66 In this special episode, we get the clearer picture of how all of these energies are working together. How you

Emily Marie

Episode #65 Your intuition, energy and mind all work together but because of how we were raised it can feel confusing. We

Emily Marie

Episode #64 Meet a Member of Your Spirit Team: Energy Activation A Spirit team member can be truly any energy. From a

Emily Marie

Episode #63 Soul Retrieval Work is some of the most challenging when it comes to the spiritual side of this work. It’s

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