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Emily Marie


This work is not for you, if you’re not interested in further embracing your personal power, learning how to do your own energy healing work to support yourself, to feel fulfilled in life. The power is within you, yet we often seek it outside of ourselves.

The work I do is for you if you want to understand the framework to trusting your intuition, to create space in your life to practice developing it. I’m not a fairy godmother, I don’t have a magic wand, but you do have that magic you seek, within you.

And you’re meant to be all of you in this lifetime, not just mind and body, but mind, body and Soul energy.

When you understand yourself, and what you’re capable of, you’re able to create a life that feels peaceful, calm, and that has a beautiful butterfly effect in our world.

You’ll find yourself bringing your energetic gifts to the world, and we need it.

You're a powerful source of energy, let's see

what you're meant to bring into this world.

- Emily Marie

Where does it feel good to start?

The Foundation

Inner Light Workbook

The best place to start.
This workbook will help you create your daily energetic practice.

Raise the Vibration of your Home

House & Space Clearings

Whether you have a house that needs to sell, are moving into a new home or simply feel called to clear and raise the vibration of the home and space you are currently in, energy work for your space makes the world of difference.

Clients have had homes on the market for four weeks with zero activity, Emily did a house clearing and within three days they had an over ask offer (which is what they ended up closing with after six weeks on the market) and two additional showings all within three days.

Another client’s house was on the market for five months with no offers, their first offer came in a week after the house clearing.

Additionally, children tend to notice negatively charged energies around the house more so than adults, which have led to many a house clearing for a quite, peaceful and happy home.

Your Energy First

The Book

This is the book I wish I had when I started exploring my own energy work, and became conscious of my spiritual journey. You’re meant to be empowered in understanding your energy and how to work with it, and no one knows better but you and your Source.

1:1 Session

Energy & Intuitive Session

You’ll receive healing, insights and support from your guides and Spirit team, on what’s been holding you back and how to open up your potential for what it is you’re creating in the world

4 & 6 -month Container

Alignment Container

Bring your intuition, unique gifts and daily practice into the forefront of your life, explore all aspects of what it means to be fully energetically YOU!

You’ve been feeling stuck on getting to your purpose in life and are ready to get crystal clear on it and bring it forward into this world
You want to bring more of your own personal energy work into what it is you do
You want to be in alignment in all aspects of your life, not just one or two
You’re ready to bring forth a business that supports others while feeling good to your own energy, not draining
Or if you have an existing business, you want to refine it so you have more time for the things you love, while serving people at a greater level
You’ll align your energy to work with the right people at the right time, understanding the energetics of getting into alignment to:
Create offerings and spaces that fully serve both you and the client so that you show up feeling good and your client gets results and feels empowered
You’ll get crystal clear on how to show up for your work
How to release blockages that hold you back from feeling not enough, stuck and the exchange for working with you will feel good
We’ll focus on helping you develop and expand your regular practice so you can feel supported and lit up from within in all areas of your life, not just one or two
When we do this work in one area, it shows up in all areas
We’ll get clear on your purpose, and how you are meant to bring it into this world, one step at a time

  • 3 Months
  • 2 monthly 60min calls with energy healing support
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • multiple mini sessions on Voxer, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • $2700 or $900/mo

In-Person Retreats

Permission to Expand

Emily offers seasonal retreats and in-person events to deepen your understanding and practice with your inner light and connection to source

People getting Results

Free Resources

The Aligned Process™


Align with your inner light

Take a few moments to be still, and align with your light


Clear and ground your energy

Run clearing and grounding energy


Get Clarity & Insight

Now that your energy is centered and balanced, ask your inner light a question and pause, observe the response. Then, be still until you know, sense, feel, hear or see a response.



You are a beautiful free willed being, do you need to go deeper, ask another question, ask for more information? Or is what you received just right.


Trust yourself

Now that you have your guidance, following through on it is the next big step. No matter how big or small, notice what happens the more you follow your inner guidance


Absolutely, every living being has a Soul, with a connection point or an inner light that aligns them with their higher consciousness and their Source energy.

Trust that the first place you think of it, even if you don’t see it with your imagination, or feel it just yet, that it’s there.

By Universal Law, when you reach out to the light, it will always respond in kind. So by setting the intention you connect with your light, it will, by asking it to run energy for you for your highest good and to help you ground, it will.

So, so much. Your inner light will quite literally be your guiding light in this lifetime. If you want insights into your career, romantic life, support with family, friends, with developing your own unique energetic gifts that you’re meant to bring into this world in your own special way, it will be your support for Divine protection whenever you ask for it, and so much more.

The Aligned Framework™

You are your mind, body and soul energy, with this framework you can support each of these aspects for balance and harmony in you life.


The caretaker of your soul, as you elevate, your bodies needs will too.

Be your own transformational healer, and find ways to create calm and ease in your mind.

Where your intuition, inner wisdom, soul guidance and purpose reside


Launch your Soul Signature Offer in 3 days.

The first retreat where you walk away with written copy, a converting landing page & soulful branding made with 100%