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Here are just a few of the questions you might be asking yourself trying to get your business off the ground...

  • I love what I do but how do I create a business that feels good and supports my desired lifestyle vs burning me out or draining me
  • How do I go about getting clients – do people even pay for this?
  • How do I build a business on the side so I can quit my 9-5?
  • What kind of things do I need to budget for?
  • How can I get over the hump of showing up online regularly
  • I want to be known for what I do and build a conscious brand, not look or sound like everyone else
  • Where can I meet others on this path for camaraderie and support?
  • How do I create delectable offers that are of high value and people love!
  • What tech do I need in the background?
  • Which platform is the best to use?
  • Should I do SEO?
  • Should I write a blog?
  • How do set up automations?
  • How do I create something that adds to my life and doesn’t create burnout like past jobs?
  • How can I get a professional website that represents me, without paying thousands of dollars?
  • And so much more..

Our intention for this community & membership is that it is holistic space for you to launch and grow your business in alignment with your truest self. Leave behind the old fashioned ways and bring your gifts to the people who need them, now!

Your time and resources are sacred, it’s my passion that you understand and have access to the fundamentals of how to launch and grow an incredible business without making costly mistakes or wasting tens of thousands of dollars.  

Most coaches charge anywhere from $297 to $997 per month for this kind of value for ONE aspect of growing your business. We’re providing you with a holistic approach to growing your soul biz, covering tech, energetics, mindset work, frameworks and more..

During this launch period we’re giving this away for FREE for the first 30 Days.

30 Day Free Trial, After That: $97/mo

Alignment is key.

We've been where you are. Looking at looming large numbers in order to invest in your business and get where you want to be, or going at it alone, or not sure if you're taking the right steps! It doesn't have to be that way anymore.

  • We will not force you to send awkward direct messages to strangers
  • We will not recommend you spend thousands to build complicated funnels and spend money on ads (that is great for your proven scale phase!)
  • We will not recommend you do something that's not in alignment with your dreams and unique energy
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    We will give you a solid business framework for you to action to build and grow from zero to replacing your corporate income and beyond if that's what you desire
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    We will provide strategies, priceless tips and advice that help you move at the pace you need
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    We will make it fun(!), because a business is meant to add value to your life not take away from it
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    We will help you understand yourself better so you can create offers, and market and sell in a way that feels true to you
This membership will help you launch and scale a business from the ground up in alignment, so you can leave your 9-5 or have the kind of financial wellbeing that changes your life.
Seattle Wellness Retreat Host
Emily marie
Join us

The Magic Business Accelerator Membership is open its doors FREE for the first 30 days—during the launch period only!

Join a community based membership that delivers, all while givine you the support you need along hte way.  With an  uplifting and inspiring community of like-minded conscious entrepreneurs and get yourself out here.
We support you with energy alignment work, understanding your Soul’s mission, strategy, offer creation, website creation and more on your journey to launch & grow your online business.

Finally Get Clarity:
Which offer suite, pricing, backend systems and marketing is most in alignment with you?

All while doing the energy alignment work so you create a business you LOVE

With weekly meetings to support your growth and expansion!

Why this membership?

Your business is a journey, and we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to be inundated with information, and feel at a standstill. We each built six figure businesses from nothing, in alignment with our hearts’ calling, and we will help you achieve the same.
  • to get clarity on where you're going in your business
  • to find the best strategies and tools for YOUR growth stage
  • to finally having clear & concise messaging that converts on your website
  • to knowing what to do at which stage of your business
  • to have the energy and emotional work available so you can show up confidently
  • to be surrounded by conscious entrepreneurs that walk the same path


  • weary-face_1f629
    Getting stuck and held up 3h on not knowing how to connect your email automations to your website
  • weary-face_1f629
    Getting stuck on choosing the most suitable website platform for you
  • weary-face_1f629
    Feeling uncertain about how to package your offers and where to price them
  • weary-face_1f629
    Uncertain how to market and sell what you do


  • check-mark-button_2705
    Reaching out to Lovepixel support & get your questions answered within minutes
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Discuss on a Zoom call which platform is best suitable for your needs and growth stage
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Having an aligned offer suite you and clients love that paves the way for you to do this work as your full time career
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Feeling confident in how to market yourself and clients are signing up

This membership is an invitation to create at your own pace, that’s why we made it a membership – so you can be accountable and at the same time NOT feel stressed out about crafting your business ideas closest to your heart.

Testimonials for Lovepixel's work

The Magic Business Accelerator works for:

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    Energy healers
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Life coaches
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Health coaches
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Anyone who is a 1:1 service providers
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Anyone who does group coaching
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Social media managers
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Community managers
  • check-mark-button_2705
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Tarot card readers
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Mediums & Channelers
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Virtual Assistants
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Relationship Coach
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Executive coaches
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Reiki Healers
  • check-mark-button_2705
    Sound bowl healers

Featuring Distinguished Experts

Here to cultivate business growth in true personal alignment
Dr. Radhikesh
aligned Guest Teacher
Vedic Astrology
Dr. Radhikesh offers innovative insights to support individuals in their growth and healing on physical, mental and emotional levels through ancient wisdom and modern science. His knowledge of Vedic Astrology and meditation has assisted hundreds of people in their journey to health and prosperity as a life coach through Astrology. He lectures across the world on astrology and meditation and offers individual personal astrological consultations.

Some of the most successful people in the world utilize astrology to help understand themselves better and align with the cosmos for support in prosperous ventures. Learn aspects of your personal chart to support you growth and give your business the best opportunities to be set up for success, every step of the way.

Graciela Rasor
Intuitive Guest Teacher
Human Design & More
Graciela Rasor is a healer, intuitive and multidimensional creative. She uses her many tools including breathwork, Human Design, Reiki, art therapy, Gateless writing and behavioral psychology to help her clients and community recognize the magic, gifts and wholeness within.
Imagine understanding nuanced aspects of your energy and unique soul blueprint so you can grow and scale your business in a way that continues to serve your lifestyle and soulmate clients.

The MBA Membership includes:

live calls

Weekly Implementation Calls

As part of our weekly calls we will help you craft your positioning, your offer, your tech stack, how to grow, what to do to attract visitors to your site etc.

live calls

Weekly Q&A Calls

FINALLY get all your questions answered. Which platform? Which email system? Where to host your website? When to migrate to a bigger/better/more functional system?

Conscious Community

Access to Community of Conscious Entrepreneurs

FINALLY get all your questions answered. Which platform? Which email system? Where to host your website? When to migrate to a bigger/better/more functional system?

Most coaches charge anywhere from $297 to $997 per month for this kind of value for ONE aspect of growing your business. We’re providing you with a holistic approach to growing your soul biz, covering tech, energetics, mindset work, frameworks and more..

During this launch period we’re giving this away for FREE for the first 30 Days.

30 Day Free Trial, After That: $97/mo

Wait, there is more...

Website Template

Pre-built plug & play website template for all types of businesses and offers

We offer support on a multitude of platforms. We’ve worked on pretty much all website builders out there and will provide you with plug & play templates for platforms you need it most.

Copywriting Masterclass

Write your website copy in 15min

Here we write from SOUL!  With the simple framework Emily lays out for you, you will understand how to clearly and consciously share your message and how people can benefit from the work you do!

Canva editable

Branding Kits & Templates

For your conscious business endeavor we want to make sure you put yourself out there in a way that resonates with your soul’s essence, hence we curated a library of branding kits that you can get started with and edit on Canva right away.

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  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls
  • Access to Conscious Entrepreneur Community
  • Conversion Optimized Landing Page Template Library
  • Masterclass - Write your website copy in 15min
  • Canva Branding Kits & Templates
  • Strategy & Vision for your Biz
  • Execution and Tech Support from our Team
  • A place to ask ALL your questions - LIVE on Zoom and on our membership platform
  • Epic Monthly Guest Teachers
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Yes, the first 30 days are completely free, then $97/mo.

We love supporting light-workers & heart-centered entrepreneurs finally getting their message out there.

This is a month to month commitment you can cancel at any time
Everything will be recorded and you will have access to the recording in our membership space and can ask questions or share your comments in our private the Facebook group!

Yes, you will have access to the membership in its entirety for the duration of your active membership!

Ask yourself where you are and where you want to be?

Then ask us how you can get there on our LIVE Zoom calls or in our community portal.

We are looking at the conscious long game with our roles in here and have found that the combination of Divine alignment and action are a powerful duo.  Feel into what you need next, align yourself, take action, and never be afraid to engage, share, ask for support, you name it we’re here!


Launch your Soul Signature Offer in 3 days.

The first retreat where you walk away with written copy, a converting landing page & soulful branding made with 100%