Creating a Daily Energetic Practice

The Inner Light Workbook

You. Are. Magic.*

*In case no one has told you recently, you get to be intuitive, share your gifts, no longer feel energetically drained and so much more, because you are mind, body and Soul energy, and you are meant to shine.

Ready to feel more calm, focused, able to remove others negative energy from your field, be aligned with your intuition, and get even better nights rest, and more?


The Inner Light Workbook

You are mind, body and energy, and your Soul is ready for you to thrive, in all aspects of your life.
This is your guidebook to developing a supportive and sound daily energetic practice.

  • 35 page PDF
  • 6+ Meditations
  • Daily Exercises & Checklists
  • 3 Videos Explaining Your Inner Light


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Content Details

In the Inner Light workbook you’ll find the framework for how to The foundation of your practice. You are intuitive, we just need to discover your version of it…

Just some of what you’ll experience:

  • When you go within where do you go?  Your Inner Light will guide you there and support you in every energetic endeavor. 
  • The benefits of asking your Inner Light to support you in clearing someone else’s energy from your field, giving yourself Divine protection when needed, support you in supporting yourself with boundaries, it’ll help you feel more calm, gain insights & clarity into your Higher Self wisdom, and so so much more!
  • The process is simple, and becomes easier and easier the more you practice!  Your inner light is excited to work more with you, all it needs is you activated in your power, your free will and direction!
  • Why and where you might get hung up getting started or seeing it through and the mindset shift to get you through it!

You’ll be able to begin aligning with this magical power that’s within you right away, you were born with it, and it knows how to work with you.  Don’t be shy, have fun, play with it, and ENJOY!

Meditation Details

These energy meditation activations help guide you as you build out your own personal practice.
There are six meditations total…


  • Each meditation (depending on the time of day) has a short version that’s about a minute, and a long version that’s around the 5 minute mark when you have more time.
  • Two energy meditation activations for the morning, for throughout your day, and in the evening for when you go to sleep


  • There is also a short version of this framework if you’re familiar with your Inner Light and simply want to jump on in!
  • There is an optional notes section where you can write or type out your reflections, what you’ve noticed about your experience, how your day has gone smoother, or when things were going awry and you needed to use the mid day activation to realign your energy and day for a more smooth and supportive process.


Emily Marie


You’re intuitive, everyone is. You also are capable of doing your own energy healing work, no matter what your background or experience level. Because you’re energy, everything is, and the world needs you to step into your light, into your magic, and bring it forward into this life in a way that’s completely unique and true for you. 

For years I did what I was supposed to do, went to school, studied, took tests, and then when I entered the real world it was more of the same, I kept fitting into box after box. Everything around me and in my life was perceivably really good, yet I felt completely dissatisfied, exhausted and I had this unsettled feeling inside of me. Something was missing.

Your energy encompasses more than you could ever

imagine, and it's ready to support you in leveling up your experience in every way!

- Emily Marie

Why this Workbook?

  • When you align with the foundational principles taught in this workbook, you'll find engaging with your Inner Light becomes quite simple (phew!) and the results will be subtle, yet profound.
  • You're meant to be supported, you're meant to feel good, often, and you're meant to have the tools in hand to help get you there.
  • The results will be yours for a lifetime, and I can't wait to hear about how it's working for you!

Everything is energy, and you are no exception.

You take care of your mind and body, but how is your energy doing? The framework outlined in this workbook helps you take care of it.

And this doesn’t have to be another item on your to do list, this is about you taking a few moments in your day to create space for a supportive and even blissful at times experience for yourself.

This foundational practice will gently support your energy from the moment you begin.

It may feel like a whole new relaxed world has opened up at your fingertips.

What’s even better, is you are working with light energy, and because you are grounded here on Earth, that means every moment you bring this gentle practice, which is supporting you, you’ll also be serving others because you’re bringing more light energy into our worldly experience.



If you want to feel empowered in understanding yourself even better, and develop an incredible tool that helps you feel calm, supported and that you’re living on purpose, this workbook walks you through the framework to live that. If instead you’re looking for someone to wave a magic wand, and give you answers or do the work for you, this workbook is not for you.
We have to build energetic muscle, meaning continue to practice doing energy work (like any skill, you weren’t born a great cook, or whatever your favorite hobby is) it takes practice, so be in observation. What do you notice? What are the subtle shifts you can recognize in retrospect?
The meditations are yours for life, use them like training wheels to get started, don’t use them when you feel it’s time for you to do it yourself, and come back to them when you need a little extra support or boost!

You have lifetime access. This is a downloadable PDF + audios you save on your device for all eternity 🙂

Once you purchase you’ll receive an email automatically with the link to download the workbook, as well as log in information to access your six meditations. In a matter of minutes you can begin!
Being as this is an instant download, please feel into your own personal truth and if this is right for you, as this item is non-refundable.

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