Space Clearings & Aligned Living Tips with Jen Lieber

Episode #74 In this week’s episode Emily hosts a live energy session for Erin.  Neither have met before, Erin was selected from the form to be a guest on the podcast which is available below. Erin is supported and guided by being validated for her experience, and is also provide encouragement for her purpose and […]

Action Your Intuition

Episode #73 The time is now. No more second guessing your intuition, what it’s sharing with you and how to act on it. You are here to be a part of the World’s evolution and that means moving confidently in the direction your intuition and higher self is guiding you. We discuss how to move […]

What’s Getting In Your Way?

Episode #72 This is a big theme in this season: what is getting in your way, what is ready to be released once and for all? When you release something, what are you making way for? You have but this one life experience right now, lean into your dreams instead of your old stories. The […]

Your Power

Episode #71 Your Power Ways to work with Emily: The Aligned Entrepreneur: If you're ready to personally transform your business to book clients regularly, show up in your business the way you desire to, to take your business to the next level in an aligned way, where clients are happy, you've replaced a corporate income, […]

Getting Answers From Your Intuition

Episode #70 Getting answers from your intuition is like developing your own personal energy language. In this episode we’ll discuss how to do that and Emily gives some real life examples. Take your time to learn and develop these things, the practice will add up and do wonders for you. Your intuition wants to support […]

Cord Clearing, Healing & Rebalancing

Episode #69 Cords are natural energetic connections or links that happen between two individuals or energies. Depending on the depth or type of connection, the type of cord and its effect on you can vary. This is energy work you’ll be practicing as we go through our time together on this podcast.  This episode is […]

Shame & Worth with Dr Sheena Sikorski

Episode #68 After noticing that so many issues in my own private practice with clients and myself came down to self worth, I decided to do some digging. I reached out to a friend, Dr. Sheena Sikorski, a psychologist and mindset mentor who specializes in working with women who are high-achieving perfectionists, for a conversation. […]


Episode #67 We love chatting about love, light, intuition, Spirit guides and more, in today’s episode I share an experience that shattered me and almost broke me, and then it became one of my biggest lessons and reasons why I’m passionate about bringing these tools forward into the world. I would love to know what […]

August Energies, the New World & the Energetics of Money

Episode #66 In this special episode, we get the clearer picture of how all of these energies are working together. How you are meant to expand into your next layer of life and also bring in support along the way. When was the last time you integrated and up-leveled your experience and relationship with money? […]

The Intuition Mindset & Multiple Exit Points

Episode #65 Your intuition, energy and mind all work together but because of how we were raised it can feel confusing. We discuss the differences and how to navigate them. Also discussed What it means to hold your light Channeling at a high level How some people have multiple exit points Asking your inner light […]


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