Discerning Energy: What’s Your Truth?

Episode #39 You’re here on purpose, and your energy has it’s own truth.  What is good for your energy may not be good for another’s, and vice versa.  And ultimately, you’re here to bring your truth and more of your light, into this world!  This episode is about you claiming more of your power by […]

BONUS: Throat Chakra Clearing

Episode #22 This throat chakra clearing activation will help you move forward in getting clear in what you need to say and how you need to say it.  Do it once or go through it any number of times. Our throat chakras are coming in strong right now, clearing and balancing as we move forward […]

The Creative Spiritual Journey & Live Energy Session with Nachi Eltit

Episode #38 I had the pleasure of interviewing Nachi Eltit, a Freelance illustrator and graphic designer who has used her intuition to help guide her in her creative career. Hearing each other’s stories is impactful to your own, you feel less alone on your journey or like there’s no one else out there going through […]

Interview w Elsie Brown & Energy Uniqueness

Episode #20 I interview Elsie Brown, an energy intuitive and life coach, whom I met on TikTok.  I appreciate her approach in how she expresses her insights and shares her wisdom.  There are so many different paths to how we each develop and then express our intuition and energy.  We discuss that topic and more […]

Your Intuition is Multi-Faceted

Episode #17 Your intuition doesn’t communicate with you in just one simple, way, it communicates with you in a myriad of ways – in part because your intuition, is your Spirit guides.  In this episode I share listener tells, and answer more of your questions about Spirit guides.   You’re magic, keep going, the world […]

Evolving Into Your Purpose Using Your Intuition

Episode #25 How do you find your purpose?  What are the steps, what part does your intuition play in all of this and how do you know you’re on the right track?  Your journey is endless and just because you may not be 100% clear on it yet, or maybe you are but you’re in […]

Who is your Source?

Episode #4 Who is your Source?  Does it matter that we all have different names for who we believe to be all encompassing and all loving Source?  What’s the difference?  We talk about this and more in todays episode. Thank you for bringing more of your light into this world, you’re not alone and I’d […]

Feel Safe Receiving Energy Work

Episode #19 If you’ve ever felt nervous or unsure that you’re receiving energy healing or work that is safe and good for you, or if you’ve ever had a fear that you’re going to take on someone’s bad energy in a session, this episode is for you.  I share the simple way you can reinforce […]