Interview with Kate

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April Energy Forecast: Self Trust

Episode #103 One of April’s main energy theme’s as we navigate brining the new world into reality is building unique self trust. Noticing: What is your truth, your intuition, telling you? How does it feel to follow it, to trust it? In what ways are you still listening to old patterns? If you’re feeling called […]

Live Energy Session with Cecilia of Modern Day Mirror on Love, Creativity & more

Episode #102 In this live session with Cecilia she generously opens up with questions where we discuss love, energetically setting yourself up for it – the creative process and more. There are Universal lessons in here and I so appreciate her volunteering her experience to share with you.   To find more info on Cecilia’s […]

How to get what you want & need

Episode #101 How do you align to both what you want but also what’s best for you – how do you get out of the mindset of always having it perfectly figured out and trying hard to make it happen. What is the balance and how do you find your personal flow? You’ll learn this […]

Plant Spirit Medicine Part 2 with Serra Heart

Episode #100 Episode 100! Thank you for being a part of this community and creating a more light and therefore love centered experience in our world. This episode is Part 2 of a conversation with Serra around how plant medicine supports the spiritual journey, how to recognize it coming into your experience, Earth plant medicine […]

Body Healing Energy Work with Guest Co-Host Babs

Episode #99 I’m thrilled to introduce you to my guest co-host this week, my mother Barb ~ we talk about: When your Inner Light doesn’t feel accessible The surprising way I am healing my relationship with food The impact of doing self energy healing work for your body Enjoy supportive and guided intuition development practices, […]

March Energy Forecast: Direction

Episode #98 March Energy Forecast: Direction   In an epic way, we’re each being asked, what do I desire my direction to be? What it’s always been? Does that make me happy – do the same goals I’ve always had still make sense, and where do I need to freshen up and expand, or raise, […]

Storytime: When an energy is both light & dark

Episode #97 Your knowledge and awareness keeps you in the abundance of light energy – in this episode Emily share’s a story about a time when an energy or entity, showed up and it was a combination of both light and dark, how can you tell and what do you do? This has everything to […]

February Energy Forecast & Trends Pt 2

Episode #96 The end of February’s energies are different from how we started, the energies are crunching us and asking you to choose.   What do you want?   What do you want to carry forward, how do you get your clarity on this?   The intention in sharing these aspects is to help you: […]

February Energy Forecast & Trends Pt 1

Episode #95 Introducing Energy Forecast & Trends   The intention in sharing these aspects is to help you: Self validate what you’re experiencing yourself with the themes of activated energy To support you in self guiding to deeper fulfillment in life   Forecasts and trends are Universal, not exclusive. What have you noticed, which of […]


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