BONUS: When Your Intuition Gives you Nudges that make you go “Ahhhh!” A Live Energy Session with Jess


Episode #75

Where are you already receiving confirmations and validations from your intuition in your life, when you’re still looking for more?

It’s always such a gift to hold space for each of you, and I’m grateful Jess volunteered her session for the podcast.

Develop your intuition, learn unique energy tools and understand your own personal skillset better, while setting clear concise and powerful intentions for 2024! Only four spots remaining, if you’d like to share a room with a friend send me an email, early bird pricing expires October 8th:

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  • Have a long term strategy and plan that you can relax into, taking action when it feels right and knowing your perfect path is unfolding all in Divine timing
  • Having a path to the freedom and fulfillment you desire

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