If you're feeling the inkling for more in your life,
you want to breakthrough the mundane and align to your next level
to finally trust your intuition, develop your energy skillset and bring it into all areas of your life and realize the benefits in both your work and personal life...

Are you ready to finally feel aligned?

Let's Begin

You're more than just your mind and body, you're also energy.  And your soul is here, on purpose.

You've always wanted to dedicate time to discovering more of who you are and what your intuition has to show you. 

We'll go through a process, all the while holding space for energy healing, clearing and support for you. You'll receive intuitive messages and most importantly develop your own sense of strength and clarity in what your abilities are and how you can bring them forward in your career. We'll also work with your Spirit team to provide guidance on how to uplevel your business so you have more time to do what you love, with those you love.

  • You've had success up until this point, but something feels off. You're needing a guided shift to help streamline what it is you do, and how you do it.
  • Understand how to feel into your own intuition to receive guidance and support so you can continue down this path long after we are working together

  • Blockages are a part of the human experience, work with your intuition to support you in seeing them, healing them and releasing them

  • Are you needing to feel more fulfilled in more areas of your life instead of just one or two aspects - we'll create space for you to actively begin to release what's been tying you to the same old patterns 

  • Have you ever wondered what your special magic is that you're meant to bring forward in life? We'll help you actualize more of that and integrate it into your career and family life

the sessions

$2,700 PIF

  • Get clear on your intuition
  • Shift from feeling meh to YES
  • Find your next level alignment
  • Deepen your purpose
  • Get clear on actionable alignment to shift your business or career to its next profitable phase
  • Know how to create your own personal energy practice 
  • You’ll receive energetic healing and support during every session, as well as throughout the mini Voxer sessions

This is a 3 month container, choose your plan below:
And 8+ Voxer support sessions every Tuesday and Thursday

We're going to get clear on your intuition, what your unique energetic skillsets are, and where the gaps are in your life that desire to be shifted so you finally feel like the most complete (and ever evolving!) version of you.

How: Two Energy Healing + Intuitive Sessions every month 

It's an honor to hold this space for you

I know what it feels like to desire supportive direction and a deeper purpose with it all

And...it's supposed to be fun!

$900 / mo.

$450 every two weeks

"My experience with Emily was profound. She is such a loving, gentle presence which immediately eased my nerves. Every single thing that was brought up deeply resonated with me which will help me become a better version of myself as I reflect. Many of my questions were answered in regard to my career path. The validation is what I needed in order to make that leap of faith. I am an overly emotional person, and she has helped me realize that is my superpower. She has taught me how to protect my energy so I am not drained all the time. I wish I could write every single detail about how this session has helped propel me into my present and future."

"I was initially drawn to Emily's calming and grounding energy - I know I need more of that in my life. The session flowed like we were comfortable friends. I am honestly blown away by the whole session. I booked because I felt super blocked in my energy channeling, and Emily helped surface many aspects in my life to give light and clarity. If anything, the session was truly magical. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities!!"

"I can't believe how specific they (the Spirit team) were!"


- Lily C.

- Angie

- Sara J.

  • We’ll have you practice receiving energy that balances and clears your mind, your energy field and your body so that you can do this for yourself on a daily basis when you need support.

  • You will practice being in your power energetically so you can know what it feels like to align with your Soul and Source on a regular basis, to amplify your energy and bring in the messages, codes, the alignment that is meant especially just for you.

  • You will learn how to hold energetic space for yourself and others, so that you can give yourself and loved ones healing energy at any point that is only for the highest good of all involved.

  • You’ll receive support as you continue to practice your intuition: Where do you notice it throughout your day and where does it seem to disappear? What happens in the moments you don’t trust it? We’ll work through those moments together so you can build trust and strength in what your intuition looks like and how to use it and see what it’s bringing forward for you in the lifetime, on a more regular basis.

  • Receive inner wisdom from your higher Self at any time.

  • Throughout each guided session you’ll receive messages and support from your Spirit team and Spirit guides. They’ll help validate what you’ve been sensing already to help you build that intuitive muscle of yours.

  • In addition, you’ll be receiving clearing and grounding of your auric field, chakra healing and balancing, you'll heighten your senses towards what it means to experience energy work, and you’ll also be receiving energetic support during the Voxer session exchanges. I will also hold space for you to sense into and do your own energy work, in ways that are intricate and true to your own personal Soul's path and purpose.

What does a session entail?

Magic happens on the other side of aligning with what excites you and taking inspired action

“Thank YOU so much for holding space for me and helping to channel messages from my guides. I’m on my way to true aligned, internal peace.  Thank you 💖 💖 💖 💖”

client testimonials

“You gave me the best experience and I appreciate it so much and answered my questions.”


“I love Emily and her services! She is always here for me, and helps me tap into my greater good. Whether I need a tune up, a check in, or just support, Emily is there to encourage and hold space. Thank you for helping me in my energetic journey and doing it with such passion and kindness!”


Arielle P.

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