Emily unlocked something that I’ve never really understood before; her energy work brings me a lot of clarity.

Dakotah T, Seattle WA

Soooo amazing!! I feel so re-energized. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with alll the feelings, I
feel cloudy. After Emily’s meditation I feel clear and grounded.

Bonnie B, Kirkland WA

My experience personally has been tremendous. I’m doing a lot of inner work, self-work, self-healing. And so obviously, that requires a practitioner like Emily to hold space for whatever it is that comes up during a session. And she does so with such grace, compassion, and love... and I really appreciate that.

Maria M, Seattle WA

Emily Marie’s small group sessions have ignited a space within me that radiates with self love, trust, compassion, curiosity, and empowerment. Dissolving away the fear, anxiety, and doubts I had felt within my journey learning Reiki and Energy Healing nearly nine years ago.

Renee B, Seattle WA

You gave me the best experience and I appreciate it so much and answered my questions.


Thank YOU so much for holding space for me and helping to channel messages from my guides. I’m on my way to true aligned, internal peace. I also got the Oreos and the grapes.


The class was lovely and magical. I enjoy your sweet presence and the way you present information from the heart, with pure intention, and love... I learned so much about the foundation of energy that was missing from understanding and I left feeling like I had new tools and perspective that will help me move to the next level of connection. I have been using my new knowledge everyday since class. I can't wait to take the next class."

Angie H, Seattle WA

This is my second session with Emily. I reached out to Emily because I am in a pivotal point in my life and I’ve been feeling like I needed her skill set and my spirit team for some guidance, healing and loving support. This session was different from the first…but of course it was! I am in new place in my life and the support I needed from my spirit team was different from the first session. I cried (way more) and that is because Emily and my spirit team were helping me process some deep seeded, ancestral trauma. This session gave me some insight as I transition into my new chapter. Through the session, Emily shares with me how my spirit team is supporting me and what guidance they want me to know; I can imagine them in my minds eye during the session. Even a week later, more unveiling (Aha moments) are coming to the surface. So know, as much work is done in the session there is more healing, and aha moments that come afterwards too. The recorded sessions are also a true gift, they are great for days you need a boost. I have also been able to catch something I didn’t the first time.
Needless to say, I am so grateful I’ve met Emily, she will always be my guide in human form. 



Ashley D.

"As someone who has always been curious about energy work and felt it was a gift not everyone receives, Emily completely changed my views. Emily’s elegant approach to channeling your own source given gifts made it so comfortable to channel my energy during her Raise the Vibration class. My home already feels as if a weight was lifted and my family is surrounded by even more love and light that I was able to run from her class. The best part about the class was that Emily left us with tools to continue to use as we navigate situational changes in our homes. Highly recommend!"

— Bee

Emily's home clearing class was super accessible, interactive, & empowering. I'm excited to play around with clearing areas of my home now that I know how to do it in a safe, simple way that WORKS!

Kate K.

"So, so worth it. Emily took the time to answer every single question and with such clarity. It was an enlightening experience and I feel even more connected to my light and source because of this course. I am beyond grateful for all of Emily’s content and especially this experience. Thank you, Emily!!! "

— Charise

She explains the information so well and said it in a way that made sense. I love that she is sharing this with us and telling us we can all do our home clearings. Special Lady!