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Energy sessions help you see your blind spots & support you in giving guidance to your dreams, healing & next steps on your journey

Each session is unique and custom tailored to your needs

You're encouraged to have questions and topics prepared to discuss with your guides & Spirit team

Consider blockages you'd like to work through, things you'd like further guidance on, and questions about your path & purpose and how to get there.  

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"If I only had one word to describe my session with Emily, it would be, transformative. Prior to my session I was anxious, faithless, aimless and stressed and literally, the moment our session began, I felt it all melt away."
- Leticia

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Wondering what you'll experience?

Get clear messages and feel connected with your your Spirit guides & team

Receive guidance and support on your life's purpose and path

Understand why you have certain blockages and steps to move through them

Work out any issues with pets

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Communicate with ancestors, past & future lives

Emily releases individual sessions intuitively, and announces them exclusively to her newsletter first before the greater public. If the calendar above shows no availability it’s because they’re fully booked or no new dates have been released. Please sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first to be notified of new dates.

Understand better your own personal intuitive skills and abilities. We'll work with your guides to help you understand where your strengths lie.

You’ll receive guided messages, energy healing and support from your Spirit team, bring questions for them!

Emily does energy work throughout the entire session. She will share which chakras are coming forward to be worked on, and if it's necessary the lesson to clear out from it.

Receive proactive support on your overall health so you can feel less drained and more aligned

Ask questions around where you feel blocked, or dreams you have and how to best align with them.

What's your dream, your goals, your secret fun visions for your life.  What are your next steps to take to get yourself there?  Emily will help you see clearly & confirm how you're already being guided in this direction.

Your journey to alignment 
begins here

— Angie H, Seattle WA

"The class was lovely and magical. I enjoy Emily's sweet presence and the way she presents information from the heart, with pure intention, and love... I learned so much about the foundation of energy that was missing from understanding and I left feeling like I had new tools and perspective that will help me move to the next level of connection."

— Dakotah T, Seattle WA

"Emily unlocked something that I’ve never really understood before; her energy work brings me a lot of clarity.”

— Renee B, Seattle WA

"Emily Marie’s small group sessions have ignited a space within me that radiates with self love, trust, compassion, curiosity, and empowerment. Dissolving away the fear, anxiety, and doubts I had felt within my journey learning Reiki and Energy Healing nearly nine years ago."

— Maria M, Seattle WA

"My experience personally has been tremendous. I’m doing a lot of inner work, self-work, self-healing. And so obviously, that requires a practitioner like Emily to hold space for whatever it is that comes up during a session. And she does so with such grace, compassion, and love... and I really appreciate that."

— Caitlin

"Thank YOU so much for holding space for me and helping to channel messages from my guides. I’m on my way to true aligned, internal peace. I also got the Oreos and the grapes. Thank you!"

— Bonnie B, Kirkland WA

"Soooo amazing!! I feel so re-energized. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with alll the feelings, I feel cloudy. After Emily’s meditation I feel clear and grounded.”

— Leticia

"Through the session, Emily shared with me how my spirit team is supporting me and what guidance they want me to know; I can imagine them in my minds eye during the session. The recorded sessions are also a true gift, I have been able to catch something I didn’t the first time.
Needless to say, I am so grateful I’ve met Emily, she will always be my guide in human form."

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