Raise the vibration

Your home and space carry a vibration, and it wants to support you

from your home COURSE

& clear negative energy

Create clear boundaries with neighbors

Learn tools for maintenance

Bring in new, supportive and higher vibrational energies

Feel safe & supported while doing it

Feel safe, calm and re-charged at home

Clear negative & unwanted energies

You deserve to:

Clear energy from dinner parties or previous owners

Remove draining & toxic energies


Step by step how to energetically clear & create new higher vibrational boundaries in your home to support you and your loved ones.

How to maintain the safety & integrity of your energy & others while clearing.

With no prior experience necessary, you’ll learn how to do your own energy work, receive clearing & grounding support for your highest good, and how to develop your own unique way of clearing over time.


you'll learn

Your home and space carry a vibration, and it wants to support you.

These techniques are easy to learn, and effective as hell.

HERE'S exactly

what you get

A total of 85 minutes of content on how to Raise the Vibration of Your Home and Clear Negative Energy divided into 13 video lessons.

A lite workbook with a summary of the steps involved in a House Clearing, as well as further questions to help you through your process.

3 months of virtual support form Emily inside a private Facebook Group.

Ashley D.

"As someone who has always been curious about energy work and felt it was a gift not everyone receives, Emily completely changed my views. Emily’s elegant approach to channeling your own source given gifts made it so comfortable to channel my energy during her Raise the Vibration class. My home already feels as if a weight was lifted and my family is surrounded by even more love and light that I was able to run from her class. The best part about the class was that Emily left us with tools to continue to use as we navigate situational changes in our homes. Highly recommend!"

— Bee

Emily's home clearing class was super accessible, interactive, & empowering. I'm excited to play around with clearing areas of my home now that I know how to do it in a safe, simple way that WORKS!

Kate K.

"So, so worth it. Emily took the time to answer every single question and with such clarity. It was an enlightening experience and I feel even more connected to my light and source because of this course. I am beyond grateful for all of Emily’s content and especially this experience. Thank you, Emily!!! "

— Charise

She explains the information so well and said it in a way that made sense. I love that she is sharing this with us and telling us we can all do our home clearings. Special Lady! 



How to raise the vibration of your home to support you & loved ones (& how to include other members of your household without freaking them out :) )

Step 1

Clearing your home of negative energy (this is all within your power, no weird tricks or smokeshows)

Step 2

Maintaining the energetic space of your home

Step 3

Additional tips for clearing.

Step 4

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