I believe everyone deserves to understand the basics of your energy and how to work with it to feel supported and aligned with your day to day decisions. There’s magic to life and to you, and before I became a full time CEO of Live Gratitude and passion based entrepreneur showing others how to do energy healing work to align to their most elevated life and support their shadow aspects.

Even when I was studying finance or working for a tech startup, I was always practicing working with my energy, healing old patterns, working on some of the deepest fears we all share around failure, loneliness and also having this dream inside of me that was aching to come out.

I believe that everyone not only has the ability to do your own energy healing work but we need it. It looks slightly different for everyone and the world needs your medicine.

I am Emily

Hi, there! So happy you're here.

 I want to save you the hassle and trials I went through, and give you the basics so you can help ease your life into a way where it’s supporting you, and there’s no second guessing it.




I can meditate anywhere and it’s one of my favorite things to teach people, because anyone can do it and it helps you realign and ground.

I once showed a retired Chief of Police how to perceive energy and run it for himself on an airplane once, anyone can do it and it clears your energy and helps make you feel calm.

As much as I love energy, I’m a numbers girl too - my degree’s in finance and I love the stock market, crypto, and balance sheets.

I love a good quality cup of coffee and slow morning to set my day, I’m a morning person and a night owl who needs 8 hours of sleep, life’s a conundrum.

I’m a plant mom in progress and have a happy family of three (& growing!) right now.

What People Are Saying

Dissolving away the fear, anxiety, and doubts I had felt within my journey learning Reiki and Energy Healing nearly nine years ago. This new foundation we are creating has helped me learn and grow in a space of trust, playful and curious exploration, and surrender.I would recommend participating in all offerings Emily Marie is providing; especially if you are feeling called to explore your energy further. Working with Emily has opened up space for tremendous growth and healing for me and my loved ones. We are incredibly grateful.

"Emily Marie’s sessions have ignited a space within me that radiates with self love, trust, compassion, curiosity, and empowerment."

What People Are Saying

"Soooo amazing!! I feel so re-energized. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with all the feelings and feeling cloudy. After Emily’s meditation I feel clear and grounded."

What People Are Saying

I learned so much about the foundation of energy that was missing from understanding and I left feeling like I had new tools and perspective that will help me move to the next level of connection. I have been using my new knowledge everyday since class. I have been wanting a class like this for a long time.

"I can't wait to take the next class. I loved it so much! I didn't want it to end."