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Go from wanting to meditate every day to actually doing it



  • As soon as you sit down to meditate your mind starts going in a dozen directions and you can’t seem to get it to calm down

  • You can’t always get comfortable when you meditate, your body gets fidgety

  • You want to meditate regularly but making time for it hasn’t felt realistic (in this course you’ll understand how simple and effective it is to make time to meditate every single day, no questions asked)

  • You’ve felt before that if your meditation isn’t perfect, then it’s not effective, this is false! Every meditation you do, is effective. But we’ve all thought it before. In fact, your mind, body & Spirit need time and patience to build out your practice. What your meditation practice looks like on day 1, day 221, day 400 and everything in between, will all be different. You can’t meditate wrong, and you’ll unlearn this in the course!

  • You’d like to learn how to meditate with energy in a way that’s safe, effective, and for your highest good

  • You know the benefits of meditation and want to experience them on a daily basis once and for all!

This is for you if:

Reduce everyday stress & anxiety

Reduce burnout and feeling drained

Feel mentally clear & calm 

Develop a stronger & easier sense of decision making

Take the second guessing out of meditating

Learn how to meditate with energy to support you

Through this course you'll:

These techniques are simple to learn, and effective as ever.

Meditating isn’t just for monks living in silence, it’s for everyone, and those of us living in the modern world, need it more than ever. This will bring you a whole lot more inner calm and give you the inner wisdom and presence you are seeking.


How to meditate from anywhere so you’re not limited to a fancy square pillow.

How to access feelings of peace and calm, no matter where you’re at in your day. Whether you’re watching a kids basketball game, sitting in a work meeting, driving (there’s an eyes open version, obviously) and even while you’re eating dinner with family or friends.

As your practice develops, slowly, over time, you’ll find it’s an easy place for you to drop into, and the response, the feelings and sensations you get will be oh so good.

Start meditating today

you'll learn

This is the exact path I took, starting from zero meditation experience, practicing very irregularly and feeling antsy and lost when I did actually meditate, to now meditating every day. Even multiple times a day. As my personal practice has progressed, people often comment on how calm my energy is (minus in traffic jams, still working on that one ha) and I tell them it’s taken me years of practice but it is so worth it, and every moment of meditation, adds up. Every minute, every second, counts.
Based on years of experience, it doesn’t matter what your meditation looks like, it only matters that you do it. That’s how you build the muscle and guide your mind, body and soul to gently and quickly (through enough practice) ease into a calm and meditative state.
Any time.


We dive into what it truly means to meditate, what are the common blockages that stop you from doing it regularly and how to overcome them. We also cover why is it so difficult to get going and stay in meditation for longer than a few minutes, and what you can do meditate longer, when that desire comes.

An introduction to Meditation

You have an Inner Light, and it can support you through the process of meditating from anywhere. You’ll understand the simple steps to connect with your Inner Light wherever you are to help you feel less drained, more aligned, clear, and calm.

Your Inner Light

We explore where and how you'll start this new meditation practice and the first few steps to meditating from anywhere.

First Steps to Meditating from Anywhere

Meditating from anywhere: because we don’t always have a place to sit down and close our eyes, but you do want to be able to balance yourself and bring in feelings of peace and calm. We will finish the course with an invitation to get your practice going and the final tips to stay consistent!

Final Steps to Meditating from Anywhere

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by Emily Marie

BONUS: 3 Guided Energy Meditations