With the ocean in comfortable luxury accommodations, allow yourself to relax and unwind, as you delve into what you're ready to release and what you're going to call in.  It's time for your next chapter, and you're at the helm.

Reset + Renew
Energy healing retreat

When was the last time you took time to focus on you. This retreat has been created to hold space for a shift in your journey. A conscious move forward.  With the world trying to send us in one direction, you know you have something better + brighter inside you.

You'll have time and space for personal reflection, inner growth, personal intuition & energy ability expansion, and space to bring in new themes and energies for yourself.

All while having fun along the way, being nourished, and making lasting connections.

Sometimes the best thing You can do for yourself, is get away from it all + dedicate time to you

It's an honor to hold space for your journey

Choose your accommodation option

Time given to your self development is some of the most cherished work you'll ever do.

Early registration discounts apply.  Enter your info below and you'll be on the list to get notified when we've opened up registration!

Strengthened personal energy awareness + tools | Group Energy Healing Sessions with individual work, in community | Oceanside luxury accommodations | Personal time | Healthy + nourishing food | Fun!! | New friendships | 1 virtual follow up group session for additional support + acclimation | Clearer connection to your Higher Self + Spirit team

Feeling the need for a re-set ~ ready for a shift in perspective or gentle better direction? 

There's a special magic that unfolds in community

Give more to those you love including yourself when you take time for you

The curriculum is built around further developing your intuition, personal energy tools, + shifting your perspective to help bring in more of what you're desiring to experience in life.  All while being supported, there's a special magic that unfolds in community:

  • Grounding
  • Expanding awareness
  • Releasing old patterns
  • Intentionally bringing in the new
  • Follow up support

Taking all aspects of your energy into consideration....

Reserve your spot!

Early bird registration ends August 29th

October 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th
In Oak Harbor, WA

This retreat will be as intensive as it will be restorative. You’ll build real connections and friendships, while up-leveling the next phase of your life along the way.  

At this energy healing retreat all aspects of you and your energy are considered, you’ll be given space for just that, and more.  

Say YES to you and watch your energy expand

Are you ready to say yes to a brighter more aligned you?

Energy healing + Support will be provided for the entire duration of the experience

The agenda will be in flow. As the energy healing and work unfolds, Emily will use discretion as to what is in the highest good + support of the group!

Follow up virtual session

It will take time to process and integrate everything you've accomplished. Simply be in awareness of yourself and enjoy the process.  You are a beautifully complex individual, admire the work you've done and how far you've come.  

  • Morning ritual
  • Breakfast
  • Beach walk weather permitting
  • Closing sessions

Integrating & Receiving


We've addressed what feels "off" in your life, now it's time to bring in tools that will help you re-align and feel calm when needed.  How to receive gentle direction.

  • Morning ritual
  • Breakfast
  • Beach walk weather permitting
  • Morning session + individual Spirit guided messages
  • Lunch + Free time
  • Afternoon session
  • Dinner + Free time
  • Evening movement/stretch session with hands on energy healing
  • Fire pit/hot tub/dance party/rest/your call

Higher Awareness, Aligning with your Highest Path


What doesn't suite you any more?  How do you truly want to feel?  What's holding you back?

Your day to day life is not meant to be stressful, anxious filled or empty, you're meant to feel in flow, growing in lessons and having fun and experiencing joy along the way.  If you seek purpose, purpose is seeking you.

  • Morning ritual
  • Breakfast
  • Beach walk weather permitting
  • Morning session
  • Lunch + Free time
  • Afternoon session
  • Dinner out in town with other guests
  • Fire pit/hot tub/dance party/rest/your call

Connecting, Grounding, Releasing


Take in the accommodations and settle into your space.  You'll be introduced to the group and enjoying the healthy food prepared.  In the evening we'll have an opening intentional ceremony for your journey over the next few days.  It's going to be magical.

  • Arrivals + settling in
  • Food, nourishment
  • Welcome + Opening ceremony
  • Relax + rest

Welcome, let's get started



A thoughtful container for your own personal energy healing + expansion

October 15th at 9am PST will be a one hour Zoom session, for support + sharing on integration and reflection.

Further energy healing & support will be provided.

How can I join?

Check out the different accommodation options below and choose your preferred option.

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Within 24 hours you'll receive confirmation & invoice for initial payment which will confirm your reservation. 




You get to choose your preferred payment plan option from pay in full, 2 or 4 installments. 

Full Bed, Shared Room

 accommodation options

4 accommodation options

You choose your experience

Ample lounge space

Pricing:  $1,995 SOLD OUT


Queen Bed, Shared Room

Pricing:  $2,295

King Bed & Private Room, shared bathroom

Private room to yourself  $2,595  SOLD OUT
or shared with a friend $1,395 ea  SOLD OUT

Private King Room with Ensuite

Private room to yourself $2,995  SOLD OUT
or shared with a friend 1,895 ea SOLD OUT

Early Bird Pricing ends August 29th, 2022
Inner Light Circle Members. receive an additional $100 off

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Sold out

Sold Out


1 spot left

Land yourself in a restorative oasis

  • Energy healing support for the entire duration of the retreat
  • 6+ group energy healing specific sessions
  • Oceanfront property with views from each bedroom
  • Morning drink ritual
  • Morning Reflection + Intention ritual
  • Beach access for grounding walks
  • Hot tub, fire pit + cozy fireplaces
  • Easeful all levels yoga or stretching session with hands on healing
  • Energy healing + expanding meditations
  • Individual Spirit guided messages in an afternoon session
  • Beach walks
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Ample nutritious food
  • 4 days/3 nights accommodation
  • Private room for FaceTime + phone calls with loved ones
  • Creative activity
  • Free time to rest, reflect + enjoy yourself
  • Follow up group Zoom energy session for support + reflection on 10/23 at 9am PST
  • Additional surprises <3 <3 <3


You'll get so much out of this simply because you are dedicating time, to YOU

Not included:
Airport transfers
Travel Insurance

Luxury, bright, oceanfront accommodations, healthy and nourishing snacks and all meals with the exception of one dinner, teachings, energy healing sessions, rituals and art supplies.


Emily will not be doing 1:1 sessions during the retreat however during the Saturday morning session she will be providing individual Spirit guided messages for each individual, while in a group healing session.

Is there an opportunity for a 1:1 Session?

Full refund minus $100 holding fee for cancellation 30 days prior.  Because of the hard costs of the event unfortunately we cannot make exceptions for last minute cancellations which is why we encourage you to purchase travel insurance!

What's the cancellation policy?

Our location has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryer, extra towels, linens, blankets and pillows, fully stocked kitchen, 3.5 bathrooms, every bedroom has an ocean front view, fire pit, fireplaces and more!

Which amenities are provided?

Ample energy work requires bountiful food options.  All of your meals will be freshly prepared for you, health focused and nourishing, with snacks out all day.  We'll want to know specifically your morning beverage of choice and any food allergies.  Friday evening will be a dinner out which you and the other guests that you will cover for yourself.

What's the food situ?

This retreat is for all levels of energy work, this is about shifting and integrating a new higher perspective for yourself.

The movement practices will be light and nourishing to support your energy shifts.

What experience do I need to have?

- Comfortable clothing, think loungewear, walking clothes, and layers 
- Pack for cooler weather and windy beach walks, temperatures expected to be mid 40s to low 60s
- Optional swimsuit if you'd like to enjoy the oceanfront hot tub
- Reusable water bottle
- Journal and pen
- An open mind!

What do I bring?

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got you covered

Looking forward to seeing you there,

I'm so excited you're here and taking the next step for you on your journey.

I've been the attendee and the hostess for retreats and we've left no aspect unturned.

What makes retreats so impactful is the fact that you are intentionally taking time for you.  They're always life shifting simply because of that single fact.

Couple that with your intentions to shift, release, heal and expand, you'll give yourself a new perspective and turning point.

It's time for you to feel calm and confident throughout your journey, to know when and how to call in conscious support, to be your own biggest guide and supporter and to gracefully receive at the same time.

Your dreams are not small, they're big, your wishes are yours for a reason.  

In this retreat you'll give them a solid platform to bring them forward in a way that feels easeful and joyful in your day to day.

I've created the retreat of my dreams


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