8 Week Virtual Energy Container 

Do you want to connect with your guides and Spirit team clearly, and often?  Do you want to understand how to clearly hear them, work with them, and learn different ways to run energy for yourself so you no longer feel worn out or out of alignment with your life?  There's more for you to experience and it can be easy.

This supports you in:

☾ Communicating with your Spirit team every day, and build your energy support toolkit, to take the guesswork out of working with good energy

☾ Aligning with your highest purpose and path

☾ How to do your own energy healing throughout your day to support you

☾ Becoming more aware of your own shadow work, and how to feel empowered working through it.

☾ Becoming aware of energy blocks and how to support yourself in moving through them

Imagine connecting with your Spirit Guides & resources every day to support you

→ Deepen & expand your intuition

→ Develop communication with your Guides & Spirit team

→ How and when to call in more energetic support

→ Manifest your goals and desires throughout your days and weeks by getting clear with your own personal truths and aligning with them

→ Learn what it looks like for you to receive and feel into energy healing support for yourself as shadow work arises

→ How to meditate from anywhere, and develop what your own practice looks like, special and unique for you

→ Develop and practice your own intuition and communication with your guides via your Yes/No tool

→ Learn how to send loving, healing light to loved ones, and what it means to hold space for people through difficult conversations

We are currently in session,
next group is late Fall,
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What People Are Saying

Dissolving away the fear, anxiety, and doubts I had felt within my journey learning Reiki and Energy Healing nearly nine years ago. This new foundation we are creating has helped me learn and grow in a space of trust, playful and curious exploration, and surrender.I would recommend participating in all offerings Emily Marie is providing; especially if you are feeling called to explore your energy further. Working with Emily has opened up space for tremendous growth and healing for me and my loved ones. We are incredibly grateful.

"Emily Marie’s sessions have ignited a space within me that radiates with self love, trust, compassion, curiosity, and empowerment."

What People Are Saying

"Soooo amazing!! I feel so re-energized. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with all the feelings and feeling cloudy. After Emily’s meditation I feel clear and grounded."

What People Are Saying

I learned so much about the foundation of energy that was missing from understanding and I left feeling like I had new tools and perspective that will help me move to the next level of connection. I have been using my new knowledge everyday since class. I have been wanting a class like this for a long time.

"I can't wait to take the next class. I loved it so much! I didn't want it to end."

Individuals who have done the work through this process come out the other side feeling more connected then ever to their own personal Spirit team and how to communicate & work with them daily

They feel empowered in doing their own energy work each and every day.

They understand the baseline of what it means to operate from their inner light and what that provides them on an ongoing basis.

Clients have manifested far beyond their goals, and it’s been much easier than anticipated.

Manifestation is you simply aligning to your highest path, and I’m excited to support you in doing so on yours!

If you’re looking to open up to receiving more love, wanting to have more ease and balance in your life because you’re tired of feeling run by life and not doing the things you want to be doing.

You'll feel comfortable in:

Calling in energetic support, any time you need it.  And how to make sure it is of the light every single time.

And seeing your dreams to fruition by aligning to your Higher Self & greater purposes

Learn how to help support loved ones, energetically.

Become aware of areas where self worth needs growth and more support to help you live life fully.

Become aware of new barriers that are showing up to be seen and revealed to you. There are lessons and medicine in the healing aspects of shadow work that allow yourself to be brighter.  

You’re a powerful source of energy -

Accessing this inner power anchors you and grounds you in support so you feel it through all of life’s ups and downs. Be your own guru, your own alchemizer, and see the magic that comes forth as you safely and gently open yourself up to the process of your own energy healing.