Your energy is

Understand your intuition, your energetic gifts & purpose, to up-level your life & business in alignment, starting with 5 minutes a day.

If you are seeking deeper fulfillment & purpose, your energy matters:

You are mind, body and soul

We know everything is energy: E=MC2.  You give attention to your mind and body, how do you tend to your energy, your soul?

If you’re seeking:

Clarity from your inner wisdom

Shifting into your purpose-led career

Integrating energy work into your career

A deeper connection with yourself for daily inner peace

The desire to feel spacious and intentional with your energy

You are not alone.  The world is waking up, we are paving a new way forward, together, one step at a time, and you are needed, in alignment with your natural talents and gifts.

Emily has helped clients find their alignment at:


Emily Marie


You’re intuitive, everyone is. You also are capable of doing your own energy work daily for more inner peace, prosperity, for making aligned decisions, to share your creativity with the world, to offer others support, and more.  No matter what your background or experience level you are capable of any and all of these things, now. Because you are energy, you were born with these gifts, and they are ready to be recognized by the world.  We need you to step into your light, into your magic, and bring it forward into this life in a way that’s completely unique and true for you. 

For years I did what I was supposed to do, went to school, studied, took tests, and then when I entered the real world it was more of the same, I kept fitting into box after box. Everything around me and in my life was perceivably really good, yet I felt completely dissatisfied, exhausted and I had this unsettled feeling inside of me. Something was missing.

Align your energy and you will instantly know

what is for your highest good and true for you, and what isn’t. In any capacity, big or small.

- Emily Marie

The Aligned Framework™

In whatever capacity we work together, we hold space for your personal Divine alignment in life.  This is what brings balance and harmony into your world.


The caretaker of your soul, as you elevate, your bodies needs will too.

Be your own transformational healer, and find ways to create calm and ease in your mind.

Where your intuition, inner wisdom, soul guidance and purpose reside

The Podcast

Your Energy First

Ready to dive wider into more of what you have to offer this world energetically? Ready to learn from Emily and others stories how to get into alignment on a day to day basis when life gets crazy?

Where does it feel good to start?

The Foundation

Inner Light Workbook

The best place to start.
This workbook will help you create your daily energetic practice.

Aligned the Collective

Discover the magic of alignment right at your finger tips. With Aligned – The Collective, join Emily & others practicing energetic alignment with their Inner Light.  For a life with more ease, joy and mini miracles along the way!

Your Energy First: How to Be your own transformational energy healer

The Book

If you’re ready to understand clearly how to use your intuition and apply simple energy best practices daily to support you and your loved ones, this book is for you.  All in alignment with Source energy, you will understand the Universal Laws that keep our world moving forward, and how you can apply them to safely and effectively do your own energy work.  You have gifts to bring into the world and this book will help guide you there.

1:1 Session

Energy & Intuitive Sessions

A 1:1 session will powerfully help you get clarity, remove blockages, understand your next steps, receive expansive energy healing work, and receive intuitive guided messages from your Higher Self and Spirit team.  Clients receive support, intricate guidance and alignment with their ancestors, loved ones who have crossed over, their Spirit guides and more.

3-month Container

The Alignment Container

A life changing experience to expand and get clarity on your unique intuition and energetic gifts, for alignment in all aspects of your life.  With guided 1:1 sessions and Voxer support, you will get clear on your intuition and how to practice using it daily for clarity, guidance and expansion.  In between sessions you will receive Voxer support with guided messages from your Spirit team encouraging your growth and activations.

You’re ready for a new kind of experience, one that sees your Soul, your energy potential, and knows how to help you get there.  You’ve already accomplished a lot in your life, and you’ve had this hint that something is missing.  You know you’re intuitive and you’re ready for deeper clarity and insights so you can shine from every aspect of your being.

  • A transformation to up-level your intuition and personal development
  • 6 Sessions with Emily via her private calendar
  • 3 Months Voxer support which are mini energy, alignment & intuitive sessions
  • Email support
BONUS: 3 Months The Magic Business Accelerator
– Workshops to help you understand more of what makes you unique and how you’re meant to shine in this world: Human Design and Vedic Astrology
– A community of like hearted souls doing the work to live in alignment and bring their gifts into the world

Group Program

The Prosperous Entrepreneur Container

Life’s good, and you’re ready for more. Bring your purpose, business and personal evolution to the next level, gently, gracefully, ethically, prosperously.

  • You’re ready to make your dream business a reality
  • You’ve had many start stops, you get cold feet, you don’t want to over work or bring bad habits with you into this new trajectory: you, are not alone
  • You’re ready to bring forth a business that supports others while feeling good to your own energy, not draining
  • Or if you have an existing business, you want to refine it so you have more time for the things you love, while serving people at a greater level
  • You know your value but you can’t figure out what to charge, and how to scale
  • The secret is to create an Aligned Offer Suite that fully serves both you and the client so that you show up feeling good and your client gets results and feels empowered
  • You’ll get crystal clear on how to show up for your work, how to best market it in alignment for you
  • We will release blockages that hold you back from feeling unsure of what to do next, what it means to step into your power, and how to align with incredible soulmate clients
  • You will have an Aligned Offer Suite, easeful marketing and sales and the energy work to support your great expansion into stepping into a Divine purpose!
  • 4 months
  • 2 monthly 60+ minute Zoom sessions for unveiling your true dreams and desires
  • An Aligned Offer Suite that will help you scale to prosperity and freedom
  • Intuitive messages from your Higher Self and Spirit team as you navigate your aligned offers
  • Unlimited Voxer for mini sessions, energy work, intuitive guidance and more, Monday through Thursday


Magic Business Accelerator

Launch, Grow and Scale your service based business holistically and in alignment, all while in community.

An accessible way to launch and grow your business and in work with clients who need you now!  With live workshops, tech support, business guidance and personal development work, you will save thousands of dollars and precious time following this best laid plan, asking for help when needed, and sharing your wins and excitement with others!

  • If you need:


    • Guidance from those who scaled to success in a soulful way
    • A plan to launch and grow a business so you can quit your 9-5
    • A holistic approach to you and your business so you have something that suits your dreams and energy without having you focus on the parts you don’t like to do
    • A positive community 
    • Support with tech and systems so you can grow without burnout every week
    • Accountability and guidance so you make the steps to not only replace your corporate income but scale beyond, in a shorter amount of time




    The MBA works for:

    Soul and heart led entrepreneurs looking to make an impact with clients while scaling to abundance:


    • Energy healers
    • Life coaches
    • Health coaches
    • Anyone who is a 1:1 service providers
    • Anyone who does group coaching
    • Social media managers
    • Community managers
    • Copywriters
    • Tarot card readers
    • Mediums
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Relationship Coach
    • Executive coaches
    • Reiki practitioners
    • Sound bowl healers
    • Freelancers
    • Contractors
    • and more
  • Weekly calls covering personal business development, the energetics of your business and you, tech support & more
  • Portal for Workshops & Trainings
  • FREE Professional Website Templates for you to fill out and begin converting clients
  • How to launch and grow your business in a heart led and prosperous way
  • An incredible community of others showing up to do their work, support you and gain friendships
  • $47 a month, no long term commitment

In-Person Retreats

Permission to Expand

Emily offers seasonal retreats and in-person events to deepen your understanding and practice with your inner light and connection to source

People getting Results


Answers to questions people often ask about energy & metaphysics.

Absolutely, every living being has a Soul, with a connection point or an inner light that aligns them with their higher consciousness and their Source energy.

Trust that the first place you think of it, even if you don’t see it with your imagination, or feel it just yet, that it’s there.

By Universal Law, when you reach out to the light, it will always respond in kind. So by setting the intention you connect with your light, it will, by asking it to run energy for you for your highest good and to help you ground, it will.

So, so much. Your inner light will quite literally be your guiding light in this lifetime. If you want insights into your career, romantic life, support with family, friends, with developing your own unique energetic gifts that you’re meant to bring into this world in your own special way, it will be your support for Divine protection whenever you ask for it, and so much more.

Get started for free


Your Inner Light is one of your best already integrated intuitive gifts within you.  This Starter Pack helps you understand the basics of working with it and getting started, as well as BONUS modules around:

– Discovering Your Purpose

– Breakthrough Any Emotional Blockage

– Sleep Well for Empaths & Intuitives

More Clients Getting Results from Energy Work

Energy work is simple, humans make it complicated.

Ease into it and let your light guide you.

- Emily Marie

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