Power Shifts

We know history repeats itself until we learn, so what’s different this time around? 

One major thing: we have more awareness than ever before. 

This looks like, you being conscious on your journey, more than ever. 

Especially in the last few years with major narratives coming to the light, you now bear witness to these things from a space where you want to and can support what is showing up to be transformed (getting to the ‘how’ part shortly.) 

Thanks to social media you’re seeing raw footage in real time, you’re no longer just seeing streamlined messages put through the tv and newspapers.  In the old days (and past lives) you’d compare notes with your neighbors who were getting their information from the same resources as you were, now you’re sharing information with each other from a multitude of places and you’re honing in on what feels true to you. 

This is where the shift of power happens.   

You know what feels intrinsically true to you and what feels “off.”  These last few years old patterns have been put under a microscope, so that you see them with new perspective, and therefore, you shift.  Your shifts, matter.   Your internal dialogue, how you review things in your mind and the new ways you take action moving forward, count. 

We’re slowly becoming one world, and each of our individual perspectives, matter. 

So how do you tune into your own personal voice and know which action to take?  

– Do you rest 

– Do you educate yourself on a certain topic

– Do you donate money, time, or resources to a good cause

– Do you have fun and play, do you find a new way to shift an old pattern or block (this is your shadow) and therefore bring more light to this Earth plane?  

– Or do you do all of the above Small shifts invoke large change.  

Our systems will no longer be able to withstand and “support” us as they once did, when individuals are empowered to see and understand clearly what is right, and what is not. 

Being connected to your own energy and doing what’s right by it, is contributing to the mutual and beneficial growth of the collective.

That’s the power. 

If you think about how you wake up, tired, you go to work or you take care of the family and you do the things you’re supposed to, but you’re too exhausted to do anything else, you begin to rely on things that no longer serve you.  Quick food that isn’t as healthy, social media scrolling versus conscious and enjoyable engagement with an online community, less movement of your body because you’re le pooped. 

How has doing what you’re “supposed” to do given you a truly fulfilling life where you’re naturally engaged with the world at hand and an active, joyful participant? 

I talk about this in an article I wrote for the Riveter, discussing energy being our new currency (which is empowerment) and how small shifts align us in the direction we really want to go.  And what do we do about it. 

As a freshman in the world of entrepreneurship, I’ll be sharing a few things I’ve learned via this channel, like the fact that many companies pay to have articles published about themselves for validation in the market.  Enter this article, which I paid to have the Riveter publish for Live Gratitude.  I had no idea, maybe you did.  Still kind of crazy right?  I was happy to do it because I believe in the Riveter’s mission and as a bonus their team was really great to work with.   

Not every article requires a fee to be published, but in the art of transparency and our business still lookin’ like a pipsqueak amongst the big brands at the moment, I thought it’s an interesting thing to share. 

Read here: Boundaries are no longer a buzzword 

Thank you so much for your support and for being here, feel free to reply and share your perspective or story any time, it’s one of my favorite things to learn and discuss.

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