Finding Your Personal Flow

We’re all familiar with the phrase: ‘dance like no one is watching’ 

The thought of free form dancing to the beat of your favorite songs sounds enticing but immediately you might feel a sense of pause, stuckness, self judgment: “I’ll look weird, I can’t dance, I don’t have time” the list goes on.  And then you begin moving to the music and you judge the way you’re moving because it feels weird at first, but then, something begins to release, and you flow. 

On the flip side, once you’re in the zone and the music is going, your arms are wailing and your feet are zip zapping, then you find your personal flow. 

And it feels good, really good, and it’s freeing.   

In that moment you’re allowing yourself to be exactly who you are, with no agenda. 

That’s what feels good, so right. Your day might have a pretty set agenda: check phone, brush teeth, eat, answer emails, movement, meetings/errands/chores, you take the phone call, you respond to texts, the evening comes, you have your routine. 

Dancing like no one is watching, brings you into exactly who you are, into the present moment.  And you’re fully expressing yourself, with zero agenda.   

You’re free. 

Of course, you don’t want to live in a world where you don’t brush your teeth, and picking up groceries is a good thing, so how can you tap more into that free feeling and bring it into those more routine moments? Observe where you feel yourself following an agenda, doing what you’re “supposed” to be doing, can you find your own personal flow in it?  

Can you bring that zest that is your own special energy and see what happens? Being, fully you, in presence, is part of enlightenment.  

I’m personally continuing to focus on mine, and would love to hear about your process.  You can always reply to this email to share your story with me.

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