Energy Work is a Skillset

What it means to be empowered in your energy. 

Energy practitioners: psychics, mediums, tarot, etc have long been seen as people who are gifted with a special ability that others do not appear to have.   

And that’s simply not the case, because all of those things (like being a medium) are constructs of energy, and they are skillsets.  Skillsets that anyone can develop if they feel called to. 

Have you ever visited a restaurant and had an amazing meal, thought to yourself “I need to make this at home” and as you’re getting ready to get up from your table and leave, you mention to the wait staff how wonderful your meal and experience was.  Of course you have. 

Did you ever once think to yourself “wow, the chef who made this, is a better human than I am.”  Of course you didn’t.  You probably thought “dang, they’re talented at making this dish!  I know I can do it too.”  And then you went home, and you practiced.   

Time and again you made one of your favorite dishes, slightly tweaking it and trying new things. 

Once in awhile you go back to the restaurant and you enjoy the chef’s meal once again, savoring the bites, thinking about what you’ll do differently to your own dish next time.   

Each time you leave, again, you’re thanking them for the food.  But there’s one particular time you’re getting up and you’re feeling a bit more confident, that you’ve got this and heck, your dish might be even better than what you just had? 

This is the exact same concept with energy work.   

Energy work is a skillset we develop.   

And while some people are more skilled than others in certain areas, it’s meant to be that way so that we can then in turn learn from their best practices in order to develop our own. 

Once we view energy work from this perspective, we realize that no one is really gifted.  Because a gift is given, and can be taken away.  But a skillset, is always there. 

Now we realize that whether we’re engaged with a chef, a running coach, a hairdresser, or an energy practitioner, we’re still the ones cooking, walking/wheeling, doing our hair in the morning, or practicing our own energy work, in the day to day. 

Practitioners exist to give you support, guidance & help you give light to your blind spots when you desire it (going to the restaurant), to share with you best practices that they’ve learned (on social media: here’s how you can create fluffy scrambled eggs at home), and you try on for size which elements work for you and leave behind the rest (Oh, this was a good tip, now I can make fluffy scrambled eggs for myself and I add fresh chives and it makes them even better!) 

You’re the energetic chef of your own life.  And with your connection to Source (whomever your source is) you’re going to be better at supporting your own energy, than anyone else. 

It’s empowering to know that you get to try on all of these different flavors, of energetic experiences (intuitives, reiki, shaman, mediumship, tarot, kundalini, all the types of meditation and breath work, etc), and see which ones make you feel good, and which elements just aren’t for you.

Developing your own personal energy skillset is an entire life’s journey: from learning to pray in church as a kid, to meditating and doing your own healing work today.   

And, it’s powerful.

You are the light, 



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