2022 a Year of Hope

2022…despite how we might be feeling at the moment…a year of hope!   

And if internally you’re still feeling squished, energetically disgruntled at times, or uncertain still, let it run its course.  In the spectrum of energy you and I are beautiful shadow and light, we can feel multiple ways at once, it’s the joy of being human. 

You know who doesn’t feel that way, and why? 

Spirit guides


Ancestors of the Light 

Guardians of the Light 

Spirit Animals

Commanders of the Light 

Specialists of the Light 

and every other light being, 

that exists on the energy spectrum between humans and Source, they are all energies that have surpassed their “human-ness.”  

Meaning they’ve faced and cleared all of their shadows, found their eternal light (which is what we’re here on earth to do) and have taken on projects in other worlds and realms.   

To that note, the Spirit Guides have really been driving home the message that we are no longer meant to “look up to” leaders, gurus, celebrities, etc but instead look within ourselves, around us, and have multiple every day people and a variety of different “experts” who are openly on their own journey, whom we learn from.   

And to always lean into our own inner light for our personal truth, and to trust ourselves, first. 

Part of how we do that is by receiving energy, or, energetic support. 

And if we do this practice daily (or heck, even monthly or weekly at this point!) helps you feel like your cup is full after being exhausted, helps you feel at peace after you’ve felt crummy or unmotivated, or helps you keep a great day going into the rest of the week…and it takes practice. 

And however you decide to build your own daily energy support practice, is exactly right.  Each time you practice even if it’s for a few seconds, you’re building your energetic muscle. 

Try my daily 4 minute energy practice for you, it’s one of the things I do throughout my day to help me stay aligned and feel really really good, especially when life throws me a curveball (when I first started doing this I was barely doing it every few months, before it eventually became weekly, then finally daily, and now it’s all day.  This took me years to develop because I didn’t know what I was doing, so here my pals, I give you all the easy steps because I want everyone feeling soft and powerful and supported in their light every day!). 

Book your individual sessions here, where you’ll receive energy healing and support, messages from your Spirit guides for confirmation or guidance, and a whole lot more. 🙂 I’m always an email or dm away, connect@emilymarie.com if you have any thoughts or shares.  

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