Let it Be Easy

What if it’s meant to be easy…easier. 

Lately the guides have been showing me where I’ve been putting in too much strain and too much effort. 

With Live Gratitude, with relationships, even when I’m holding space for energy work.  

They pull my energy back, which is when we consciously breathe in deep and imagine our energy leaning back into our bodies and getting settled again. 

And they say “set your intention and let it be so” 

Let it be so. 

We’ve been trained in our brains to “work hard for a living” and “how did you earn that” but times they are certainly a changin’…. 

As we expand (that’s when we have self reflection moments, realizations, and our inner light grows from those, literally) we are in more alignment with our course in life.    

So instead of pushing through or gnawing at daily tasks in order for things to get done or “just work” we align ourselves with clear intentions and that is self energy work (and mastery, they’re saying.) 

As you think about your day, and what inspires you (also the guides are mentioning that your dreams may feel universal and similar to other people but they’re not, they’re saying that your dreams are yours for a very specific reason and they’re meant just for you), feel into your body, what would be a nice intention to set for your dreams, and for your day, so that you receive exactly the feeling that you want and they’re even saying you need it!

And just let it be so  


“I set the intention for a safe and easy trip to and from the store/xyz today”

“I set the intention my day flows prosperously for me for the highest good of all involved”

“I set the intention it’s easy for me to decide what to make for dinner for my family tonight for the highest good of all involved”

“I set the intention I get clarity on xyz by (certain time & date) with ease and joy”

“I set the intention I feel loved and supported throughout my day today”

“I set the intention my inner light is crystal clear and shows up to guide me exactly when I need it”

“I set the intention I receive inspiration for xyz this week”

“I set the intention for a lot of laughter throughout my day today, it feels really fun and good to giggle”

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