How to Feel Yourself More

Our guides want us to be more turned up and turned on 

Meaning, they want us to feel ourselves more 

Like how you vibe when you listen to some of your favorite music 

When you move in a way that makes you feel really good 

Taking pleasure and slowing down in what we consume, liquid and food wise – they just go ‘even if it’s pizza would you freakin enjoy it and not have ANY of the guilt’ ha 

Because if it’s one thing that’s like the Sahara Desert in this world right now, it is us experiencing pleasure 

We lack it, majorly (mainly because we’ve been reared not to be in our power, and pleasure is for the bedroom, etc) 

We naturally think of sexual pleasure but they say that AND every day pleasures 

Are you enjoying the clothes you’re wearing right now?  If not can you be more mindful of what you enjoy on your body moving forward? 

These are just some ideas…they say even to enjoy the “detox” process of going to the bathroom (my guides keep me humble….)


Why are they bringing this up… 

Because once we’re in our pleasure place we’re in our bodies

And once we’re in our bodies we feel more, and when we feel more our energy, intuition and light is even more activated.

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