Running Energy for Yourself

When I first started running energy for myself, it was like squeak squeak is anything there, is this working, is this thing on.  I think I feel something…maybe?

Now when I run energy, I feel it and it’s incredible, and if you don’t yet or it feels super light, keep at it and I promise you will too. It’s worth it and one of the best self energy practices out there. 

I woke up the other morning and began running energy for myself which is standard.  I’d barely peeped my eyes at the world and as I’m doing this I decide to ask my guides to run energy for me instead because I was, lazy?  Knew they’d know better than me what to do?   And they did, and it felt…nice.

Next thing I know I hadn’t even stretched yet or asked my cat if she’s figured out how to bring me coffee, and I felt called to ask my Spirit team (which includes my guides) to run the energy for me and this time I felt an amazing surge run through my body. There was a biiiig difference.

Two takeaways:

  • Guides are here to guide us so we align to our Soul’s purposes (thank you guides we love you!), whereas we have other energies on our Spirit team who are helping us do things like learn our own energy healing best practices.  Sooooo it makes sense why it’d be a wee more potent when we ask our Spirit team to run energy for us instead of just our guides!  Which means, when else can we lean on our Spirit team? 
  • One way to develop your intuition and self energy practice is by listening to nudges, and in my case that morning, “listening to a nudge” was simply my own thought to ask my Spirit team to run energy for me instead of only my guides.  That’s because our intuition sounds and feels just like ourselves.  It’s not always a clear voice coming through (I know that’s what we think we want but do we, do we really?), your intuition is also  you, getting the sense to do something.  That’s how our intuition (our Spirit team) works with us, in a way that feels like something is our own idea.  As humans it’d be too distracting if it were any other way. 

From your inner light, ask your guides to run energy for you, and then ask your Spirit team to do it.  Both are greatly helpful to your energy, and maybe you feel a slight difference.  Or maybe you feel nothing at first, and that’s okay too, regardless I guarantee the energy is doing it’s magic for you!

And why do we want energy run for ourselves?

  • clears stagnant energy
  • brings forth the next layer of a lesson you’re ready for
  • balances your meridians
  • g’bye dark energies
  • grounds you
  • clears your mind
  • helps you feel calm and peaceful
  • you might gain new insights
  • you’re going to make decisions that are more aligned for you
  • so much more…

Enjoy the process and know that if you ever have questions—reply in the comments!

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