What is Your Inner Light

Your Inner Light is your home base, the keys to your personal energy wisdom

I remember when I had my first ah ha moment with my inner light, I was doing a house clearing and my guides were showing me what was keeping me safe, guarded, and strong as I held space for the clearing to happen.

From that point on, they trained me, for months, to drop out of my head, into my body, and connect with my light.

I knew it was important but I didn’t fully understand why at the time. 

I just knew it felt good, it made sense, and once I was there, magic exploded.

Instead of it taking you 3+ months like it took me to figure out what our inner light is all about, I’m sharing it with you here, in hopes that as you connect to yours, you feel: calm, emboldened in the direction you’re taking, empowered with your own self healing and trusting your inner wisdom, and that you share your experience with others.

Your inner light:

  • Is your Source, whatever that may be for you
  • It’s your higher self, who is guiding your ship with the support of your Source
  • It’s your safe zone, where your guides & Spirit team are and only them, so when you connect with your light and set the intention to communicate with them, you know it’s only one of them responding to you
  • It is where you receive guidance & support
  • It’s your forever wisdom keeper: ready to unveil the next step along your path

Connecting to your inner light first, means you’re at your optimum (if you follow me on TikTok that’s the word they were trying to give me during the live today!) space of journeying within and receiving – no matter which of your Spirit team comes forward or how you receive the information following your ask from within, you are your guide, you are the master of your own energy, you are the bounty of light to bring to the world.

From your light, ask what your next step is, what do you need to know next for your highest good?


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