Energy Tool to Level Up Your Vibration

Spiraling up.  Energy isn’t linear, and as we learn lessons and do self healing work, we continue to level up.  I’m going to show you an energy tool that helps level up your thoughts and vibration as you continue to work through healing beautiful aspects of yourself.

We go through one lesson and feel like we’re on the other side of things, FINALLY!  Then bam, it shows up in another way and you’re ready to go deeper and heal more.

We do inner healing work to lighten and brighten the beautiful shadow aspects of ourselves, and it’s brave work and a life’s journey. 

Spiraling up gives your mind a place to land and allows your energy to vibrate in the new higher level energies that will help you process the next phase of the lesson with more ease:

Connect with your inner light, feel it or see it somewhere in your body.  

Set your intention: “I set the intention this healing work is for my highest good, I call on my guides, Spirit team, and all that is of the light to support me” then feel a soft energy gently come through the crown of your head, and feel it spiral downward through your body / or, see a bright, vibrant and sparkling energy, come from the ethers and spiraling down through your body and out.

Now connect your inner light with this spiral.

Feel the connection within your body gently lift up, flowing up the spiral and expanding.

These two energies are now culminating together to help gently and softly raise your vibration.  

If you want to feel more, ask for more.  Allow your mind to relax, and see what comes to you as you heal and process through your next lesson.

As always, reply in the comments with any questions or shares you have from this practice <3

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