Asking for Divine Support

Asking our Spirit teams and Source for support is not a one and done thing.  It’s not just for the pull the trigger in case of emergencies situation, or, I should be so grateful for what I have and let them attend to others more in need, no.

Spirit expands the more we engage with them.  You working with your team and asking Source for support enlarges the energy, Source doesn’t turn to you and say “gosh yes, let me help you!” And forgets about the rest of the situations around the world.  Source helps all, always.

Who were you five months ago?  Have you learned anything since then (lol)?  Have you changed your mind about anything, grown a bit, evolved?  

Yeah of course we all have, and as such, your Spirit team is here as you adapt and grown, and that’s just one of the many reasons why you need to be asking them for more support more often.

Our problems evolve, our lessons complete, new ones show up, old ones re-appear in new ways, or we juuuuuust want to get over this hump: help help help help ask your guides for help.

What are three absolutely ridiculous things you could ask your guides for today?  Having an awesome shower?  Haven’t pooped in awhile?  Want help making the bed?  Ask, and ask again, and see what shows up.  Are you inclined to drink more water, do you feel yourself humming and feeling good while making that bed, ask and ask again. 

The world needs you, us, engaging with Spirit to bring more light and love to this earth plane every day in every way.

When you ask for support from the Divine, you are bringing the brightest, loveliest, creative energies into this earth plane.

It’s going to take the lot of us, honing in our light, to make the difference we all desire to see, which is more love, more flow and more good motion for everyone.

This is a practice, it is wholly unique to you, and how each of us encompasses this path of embracing and honoring our inner light, will look different, there is no right or wrong.

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