What You Can Ask Your Guides

It feels like the shadows have fallen and the truth can no longer help but be shown.  

It might be your personal truth, what you know for certain you need (even if you’re not sure what the journey will look like), we’re all being called forward to operate from a space of presence and feeling.

These energies have really made some of us slow to go these last few weeks, maybe a little murky in the head too, and that’s okay, we’re all working with some big energies coming in and it’s good that it’s slowing us down and we’re recalibrating.  Except, no one ever told us it’s okay to be this way, so in this safe space, we encourage it 🥳

And when we slow down, we can remember to ask our Spirit team for more assistance.  Your group is more vast than you know – and as you grow and expand, they do too, more types of energies get added to your “network” if you will.

Engage with them, often, make it a part of your morning routine if you have to, ask for help making the coffee, speaking with a loved one, supporting you during your work day, or your drive home from the grocery store.

Ask and you shall receive ✨believe me when I say they are eager for you to reach out and engage with them.

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