Best Tip for Self Energy Healing

Connecting with your inner light will become easier and easier.

The number one thing to remember, is that when you consciously connect to your light, you’re connecting to Source and it begins to work for you.  Unlike a workout class that you want to sneak out of halfway through because it’s so much work and you’re tired, your light, is there to respond to your intention.

To co-create with you, to help you carry the burden.   

It took me three months of practice (probably longer) as my guides were getting me used to connecting and operating from my light.

We live in our heads a lot, where stress and anxiety like to hang out, where self doubt percolates and it’s where we make so many of our regular day to day decisions.

Connecting to your light is aligning your mind, heart and soul.  It’s powerful and helps shift and align your life to be smoother and more supportive.

Our brain has neural plastic highways that are strong and carry the messages that help us accomplish regular, every day tasks.  

Which means it’s comfortable, to have a routine, brush our teeth, watch tv, those pathways have been built and reinforced, they’re strong! 

When you drop into your body, when you bring your attention to your center and your light, you are building a new neural pathway.  It’s no joke!  That’s in part why it feels tough and weird at first.

Give yourself grace, and time, and when you do make it to your center, be sure to be crystal clear in exactly what you want, and then ask for more. Remember, Source expands the more you interact with it. ✨

Do you feel ready to…

Get clear messages and feel connected with your your Spirit guides & team

Receive guidance and support on your life’s purpose and path

Understand why you have certain blockages and steps to move through them

Work out any issues with pets

Communicate with ancestors, past & future lives


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