What Energy Healing Work is About

Nothing is off-limits when you work consciously with your energy and everything is possible

Hello beautiful Soul!

I’m holding light and healing space as you read this – it’s been a bit of a roller coaster these last few weeks with everything going on in the world, plus we’re all processing our own internal growth.  The energies currently are schluffing off what’s still old in you, in us and around.

Underneath what’s falling aways is all you’ve been working on and dreaming of, and it’s already bursting through. 

Energy healing work is about: empowerment (more on that topic later), expansion, alignment, being.  All of us came here to have a human experience and dang, we are.  So how do you work energy healing into your day to day life, to have you feeling more supported, and create a more elevated experience for yourself? 

Two nights ago I was laying in bed, juuust before I was drifting off to sleep, and I had this idea to ask my guides to rub my back for me, you know that feeling when someone rubs your back?  It’s gentle and soft, it’s soothing, you feel a sense of care….well I wanted that feeling and I also made it crystal clear to my guides that if I felt an actual hand come through I’d bust through the ceiling, 😂so I asked with clarity for the back rub with the energy I was desiring.  And it came through!! 

It was subtle, it was soft, it was kind of tingly and it felt great. 🥰 A warm care brushed over me and it made me giggle…because duh, I can’t believe I asked for that and it worked!

It’s proof that your Spirit team is working for you 24/7, and when you do your own energy healing work you’re embracing your magic and your power 🔥to help elevate your life during the day to day.  That’s what that gave me, an elevated experience before I drifted off to sleep.  

All energy work begins with you centering at your light, and your intention.  Before asking for this energetic back rub, I made sure I was connected to my inner light and my intention was clear, I wanted the feeling (and no real hands!!) 

I created a special 3 part guide to your Inner Light for you to practice connecting to your light, expanding in it and working from it, because all good basis of an energy practice begins here. ✨

I can’t wait to hear about what your own personal energy practice brings to you, please feel free to reply in the comments and share your story!

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