Energy Tool for Feeling Safe

Sometimes I’m going for a walk, even in broad daylight, and I feel uncomfortable. It’s usually in my mind, of course I’m being smart, and then there is my intuition that I’m also paying attention to which is guiding me – we’re all familiar here of when our gut has been really strong to “stop” or “don’t go there” and so for the other situations where we do not feel that way but we’re still nervous, here is the tool I use:

I breathe into my body, I imagine my light at my center (to you this could take on another form: this may be a shape, a sensation, a color, a warmth, a feeling, anything that comes to your mind and imagination when you set the intention to connect to your light at your center) and from that space, I set the following intention: “I set the intention for my Divine protection, in all ways.”  It’s that simple – and as you practice this, you’ll develop your own beautiful version.  

When I was a kid I was reading a book on angels.  This woman was called to testify on a man who had committed a crime.  As the story goes, he had also passed by her but had not chosen her as his target.  When the criminal was asked why he hadn’t picked her, he said “because she had two large guys with her.”  

In fact, she didn’t, she had been walking alone.  She did however, ask her guardian angels for support, because she was feeling unsafe where she was.

I firmly believe, based on experience, that energy transforms instantly for exactly what we are needing, when we ask it to.  Energy wants to work for us.

The second type of energy protection & safety, We are all greatly protected by Divine right.  By being born, by being you, just by being, you have beautiful Divine protection all around you.  Sometimes though, we feel a little uneasy, and we need to ask for a little extra support.

Have you ever been in the safety of your own home, and you know everything is good, but something just feels “off”. That happens to me once in a while, and there can be so many reasons (none of which I’m interested in thankyouverymuch) as to why that is.  Again, I pause, I connect to my inner light, and from there I state my intention “I set the intention for Divine protection for my highest good.”  And absolutely, you can include your loved ones in this, always “for the highest good” and always “divine/source” whichever your high power is to you.

If you have any questions about this or want to share your story, I would love to hear from you, email me at

Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of creativity ~ and being my fellow co-creator.

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