Your Energy Path

I hope you’re well somewhere warm and grateful.  That’s how I feel getting to share this information with you, very warm, and very grateful.

Quick background, I got started in energy work the old fashioned way – I took weekend classes, got a “Masters” certification in four hours over a Sunday, and voila!  Energy practitioner extraordinaire!  Not.

The most impactful, healing, and only sometimes mesmerizing way I learned energy tools, was by settling within and paying attention to my nudges (especially the ones that repeated themselves until I fiiiinally “got it”).

At the same time I wasssss procrastinating cleaning out my closets….watching reality tv…eating a lot of chocolate, so basically I was living a really normal human life. 🙂  In other words I didn’t need to sell off everything, join a silent retreat or move in to a monastery for a year in order to “find” what I was seeking. I still learned majorly magical and impactful tools, that really shifted my Universe.

Like life, energy work is pretty mundane in the day to day, yet it feels really good, and then seemingly out of nowhere something more powerful hits and it gives you this boost to your own personal next level.

Your process has it’s own pace

Your process, your way of learning, how you learn energy work & your intuition, and what it looks like for you, adapting what you learn from yourself and from others, has its own pace and it’s own process and will not look like anyone else’s.  You are developing your own energy & intuition skills, it’s a beautiful thing.

Your inner light is your main (energetic) squeeze.  

Your inner light is your North Star.  Above all else, you are the light.  And that light that sits within you, is pure magic.  It’s powerful.  You’re powerful.  Check in with your light for just one second, or ten minutes, ask it for anything.  Ask to feel a certain way, ask for guidance on something, ask it for your next tool!

Don’t underestimate the power of your intentions.  

Intentions are you working with energy.  You’re telling/asking energy what to do for you, you’re exercising your free will and expanding into your dreams and desires when you set intentions.

Trust what comes.  

This is the doozy to learn.  Energy is our imagination, it’s unique to each of us.  You’ve had lifetimes of practicing these things and many messages, symbols, etc, will resurrect for you in this life time.  Sometimes it’s just “poof” out of nowhere.  Learn to trust it and have fun with it.  It’s showing up to help you and likely others too.

Spirit/Source is always working for you, ask for what you need, ask for what you want, then do it all over again.  You’re being held, you’re being guided, no matter what normal human thing you’re doing. 🙂

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