How to Receive Energy & Support

I remember a specific vacation I took in my twenties.  It was a group of us and we headed to Palm Springs and stayed at one of those adorable small motels where six rooms rents out half the place and everyone shares the common area….and I almost didn’t go because….work.  

I shared a room with a friend and on the first night we moved our beds to make more space for our bags, and we found a cockroach that was belly up under my bed.  I wish I could tell you it bothered me, it really didn’t.

I remember laying in bed that first night and my friend was talking, I was half listening to her and half staring at the ceiling, watching it and the room spin.  I wasn’t drunk or on drugs, but I was stressed out.  I remember feeling so tightly wound it felt like I could barely see straight.  And for what?

At the time, I wasn’t paying attention to my energy, how I felt, or my intuition…but I was certainly “doing all the right things.”   Winning the corporate game, justifying too many late night happy hours to get business done and I was people pleasing all over the place.

Now, people comment they feel calm in my presence (they’re not in the car with me when I road rage at times but aaaaanyhoo) and it’s because I now practice daily what it takes for me to feel energetically calm, supported, and guided, each and every day.

It took support from a variety of healers, learning from different people, and cultivating my own energy practice to build this solid foundation.

How to receive energy support right now and at any time ~

If you desire to receive more support, more guidance and assistance feeling aligned in certain areas of your life, I invite you to take a few deep breaths and just check in with how you’re feeling.  That’s step one.  Step two is asking yourself, what do you need?  It’s a-okay if you don’t know, that’s still a part of the process.  And the third and most beautiful step is taking one more deep breath in, and from your core, asking your inner light for support.  You can do this at any time of day, for any reason, and for any thing.  

You are meant to be supported, and guided and loved along your journey. <3 

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