Raise the Vibration of Your Home

I had a “mentor” who said for years I wasn’t ready, and I remember the day I decided to attempt a house clearing anyway.

I went with my gut (as we do) which had me leaning into the experience.  Even though in my head I was nervous, I was running through everything I’d been taught and each step I’d need to perfectly take in order to not screw up this house clearing and get smacked in the back by Lord knows what….(we all know what and I’m here to tell you first hand, you’re more powerful than any dark being/shadow or image freakishly portrayed in a movie somewhere, and here’s why…)

You are the light.  And the light trumps all.

Light is Source.

You came from Source, and Source always wants what’s best for us (nice to have in our back pocket).  

We want the low vibrational things in our home to skeedaddle, and the way to do that is…

1) Don’t take an interest in them.  

If you give something interest you’re giving it your energy and therefore your light because light = power.  You can acknowledge it but then immediately bring your minds focus back to your light, everyone has at least a glimmer (or more!) of light at your beautiful center.

2) Honor your own light.

What feels like the right thing for you to do at any given moment, space and time?  Honor whatever it is your feeling, drop into your body if your mind starts racing or going places (as it always does), and just breathe.  Honor how you feel and give yourself what you need if you can.  The rest will take care of itself.

3) Honor the ground you are on.  

The earth your home and space has been built on is sacred.  There have been many souls before you and many who will come after you.  Taking a moment for gratitude of those souls and the land you are currently inhabiting creates a beautiful zone of co-creative love and acceptance.

In the end, taking the leap of faith and doing the house clearing showed me A LOT.  Clearing is about re-setting and setting the stage: a strong, positive and energetic foundation for our home and our family.

Happy raising the vibrations of your home <3

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