New Moon in Leo

We have a New Moon in Leo’s fiery energy this Tuesday.

New Moon’s give us space to explore our depths.  And as I very recently learned… it is emboldening us to bear witness to the darker parts of ourselves, and embrace them.  We hold space, or allow, for these energies to be a part of our ever gaining strength. 

I used to want to cut off that shadow energy: to untangle it, release it, “bring in the new!” I’d say.  If it was not of the light and it was in my personal energetic realm, I thought I had to heal it and let it go. Letting it go is great when it comes to our psyche, our mind that rules the day to day, but not when it comes to our Soul’s higher wisdom.  Our higher self says “see me, embrace me, feel my strength now.”

The New Moon season, high in her feminine energy, is about intentions….this particular moon is about exploring the new foundations we’ve been building.  And if you just read that and thought “was I supposed to be doing something?!”  Your higher Self has gotchu and it’s likely you are already doing the work in many ways…and if you even have even a tiiiiiny hunch that you’ve been working on revamping your beautiful inner self, then you’re on the path.

Part of my process is holding space and allowing you to feel supported and receive healing energy work from your own personal Soul team – I have two upcoming meditations to support us through this abundant angle, registration links are below.

Another way to support yourself during this time, is to light a tea light candle for yourself and set your intentions, allowing the candle to completely burn out.  Also, you can write down your intentions or speak them to yourself in the mirror.  Give your energy space to breathe them in and really feel into what it is you’re desiring….

Because manifestations are our Personality + Soul being in Divine alignment

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