Energy wants to support you

Your sixth sense is just the beginning.  

Exploring and practicing energy work is learning your own personal intuitive language.

Your energy field is always giving you information.  It’s in a constant state of motion, you could be feeling content, all over the place, funny, in a moment of despair, great joy, exhaustion, confusion, uncertainty or hopeful (sometimes it feels like all in a day lately, phew!) and each of these feelings holds insights into bringing you home, closer to yourself.  

Self energy work is simple in practice:

When a feeling arises that you’re curious about exploring (or getting rid of like last weeks compost because ooooh we just want to feel good) take a deep breath in (you didn’t think I’m selling magic pills did you?  Don’t worry I’m still looking for them myself and will share if I find any) and using your imagination you bring a warm bright light to the feeling.

And relax, and repeat, and simply observe what else arises in you.

That’s the simple magic of energy work and holding space for yourself.

This week’s mantra: “I observe my light.”

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